Saturday, March 31, 2007

Alex fresh out of the tub. Her bangs are getting really long since we're trying to grow them out. She wears headbands almost daily now.

This shot should be my motivation for losing weight. I'm 175, I think you can tell! LOL

Damien Amadeus Mozart

He's biting his lip to smile. I must take way too many pictures.

Damien loves clothes hangers now and carries baby hangers everywhere.

I just think this shot of Mia is too funny.

Jess and Ella's future favorite team. lol


Rhonda said...

Great pics Sabrina!!!!

Jenn said...

I love the pics, especially the ones with the printed shirts on the boys. They are hilarious!!

I also remember when I was Alex's age and trying to grow my bangs out. It seemed like it too forever!

And I think you look great!

Kristi Ann said...

I don't think blogger likes me commetning on your

i SWEAR i commented on this one already! ~ :)

Here;s a repeat:

Mia is BEAUTIFUL...I love all that hair. Alex is going to be a knock out with thos eyes. Dominic...well, he just gets cuter and cuter...and Damien...if I could snuggle that boy..I would! He is adorable!