Thursday, March 29, 2007


So it's official. Mia has moved with Damien. I made the transition on Sunday and it's crazy but she's sleeping through the night now without moving in our bed around 2 am. I would usually put her in our bed around 2-3 am and she'd sleep with us. She went down from 10:30-6:30 this morning when she was ready to eat. The first few days I felt kind of lost looking at where her pack and play was in our room and we haven't had our closet light on which is strange because our room is pitch black. She was only in our room for about 3 months but it feels like it was forever.
Damien seems to enjoy having her room in. He peeks into her bed, checking on her and he's sure to come running to me saying "dis!!" when she's crying and he doesn't think I heard her on the baby monitor. I plan on putting him in a toddler bed probably when he's more 2ish just because of how crazy and wild he is like his brother and I don't want him up running around at night like Dominic used to. He can already open doors pretty good. After I do that, then I'll put her in his crib. I'm not sure after we move if I'll keep them together like this or seperate them into different rooms. The only thing I worry is Damien wanting to play with toys while she's napping in bed. Other than that I love having them together. Feels like I have a daycare nursery now. LOL

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Rhonda said...

Glad the rooming together is going well! Congrats on getting your room back to yourself!