Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stupidity Must Run Rampant In My Town

Dominic's Dentist Appointment yesterday. Details are here if you click his blog. Oh the looks, the glares, the craziness as I strolled in with my double stroller and sat down while the older 2 ran off to play with the little bead table toys. I got the new patient paperwork from Susan (old receptionist from my OB's office) filled it out, man I could just feel people staring at me without even looking at them. So here's the comments:
  • "She's one brave soul." (said to Susan! They didn't notice I'm friends with her I guess! Of course she's going to tell me!)
  • "Mothers of 4 do go to heaven." Said to Me from our dentist? I've never taken all 4 in. I responded, "god I sure hope so." WTH??
  • "You've got your handsful." Lady in the waiting area. (Rolling my eyes here. )
  • "That's great birth control." Dental Assistant, when Dominic was crawling around acting like a dog on the floor.


Kristi Ann said...

I HATE comments like that..hell, I haven't even HAD my third and I am ALREADY hearing about it.

All ya can do is smile and roll your eyes!

Rhonda said...

Don't you just love the dumb comments people make???