Wednesday, March 07, 2007

All Good Things Come To an End

Last night Miss Alex had her Spring Program at school last night. We got there on time barely. We ran to my Dad's to pick up a tripod for our camcorder first. I had made Zatarains Jambalya and fried potatoes for dinner, something simple so we could hurry and get out the door and to the school at 6:45. It was last night I realized how hard this move was going to be on my emotions. We were mobbed by parents before it even began that we're now friends with who wanted to see the baby. Wanted to see how big she was now, what she was doing, how the kids were taking to her, if I needed any help with anything, offers to take some of the kids. I could have bawled right there. It was then that I realized, when we move I probably won't ever talk to any of these people again. Carnival will be the last time I see them. Same with Dom's school. I probably won't be sitting around bullshittin at Brownie meetings with them, chatting in the hallway at Parent Teacher Conferences, Classroom Parties, lounging at birthday parties laughing at our kids acting weird, sitting at the sports gabbing about Alex mastering a Roundoff or hitting a T-ball foul, etc. It really hit home and now I'm literally scared to death about moving. Yes, I can make new friends and I'm quite good at it (Dave already knows half of Wichita I swear) and it's a whole new chapter I should look forward to, but it's the leaving behind that's the hardest. Now I see why Alex head lowered is always whispering, "I don't want to move." I've tried to be so encouraging about the whole deal on what she'll be able to do all the time, we're buying a new home, etc. But now I'm not even sure I can do it anymore because I'm as worried as she is. I can only imagine what kind of mess I would be if Dave would have taken the position in Tulsa.

I know he would probably keep doing the drive since it's been over 2 years now that he has but I know it's hard on him and he'd love to help out more with the kids if his day didn't consist of 1.5 hrs of driving a day. I'd love to go out and eat lunch with him with the kids while he's working or have him swing a kid by the Dr when needed. That would be great. I guess we'll see what happens. One person wants to look at our house before we list it with a realtor again.
Alex is the one in the middle with the pink headband. Dave really blurred this closeup!

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Kristi Ann said...

Hehehehe...Brad is like that when it comes to taking pictures! :)

I know how you feel about leaving something....even though you really want to! :) We cant wait to get the dodge out of Hawaii, but at the same time , it is so beautiful and there is so much I will miss!

Well, I hope you post more pics of those kids! :L)