Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I signed back on to SparkPeople this week. I also signed up at ExtraPounds. Right now I'm yo-yoing with my weight. I'm not sure what's going on. I'll go down to 170 then jump to 178 and back down to 175. I've been at 175 for about 4 days or so now. I'd love to workout in the basement but Mia is still very unpredictable. Naptime in the afternoon is going to be the best time if Dominic can keep busy and Mia sleeps like a good little girl. My exercise will depend totally on her sleeping. lol My "goal" is 150lbs. I'd be happy with that but if I can get lower hey that'd be awesome. My weight in highschool was 125lbs. That was what I weighed when I first got with Dave. He hasn't changed at all. I though went from a flat tummy to a huge bowl of jello. The worst part is, the Girl Scout Cookies calling my name in this house. We've ate 3 boxes. I've thought about just selling the rest.

Mia was a nightmare last night although we did get her to sleep at 10. I thought we were getting better but I guess not. Her 2 month appointment is on friday. I'm afraid the Dr's going to say she's crying because she's overfed! The girl has meat on her bones. We are getting ready to start our 5th large can of formula since she was born. While I was picking up the Soy last night at the store, I noticed Enfamil Gentel Ease? I'm wondering if I should try that. Soy is not working at all for the fussiness and definately not for her poop. She's just as constipated as she was before. It's sad. She pushes and pushes and sometimes it's blood streaked. I really wish I would have kept bfing. I have to say that here because if I say it to Dave he'll respond with "I told you so!"

The weather is getting nice again. I took Mia out without blankets or anything for the first time yesterday. We walked to the bus to get brother. Colleen (his driver) hadn't seen her yet. Mia seemed to like everything outside but the breeze and the sun. LOL Poor girl. I also loaded all 4 up for the store without any coats. That was nice! Coats are such a pain with carseats. Alex has to be in a booster till she turns 8! There's no way she's going to exceed the weight limit for getting out of one early. Today it's going to be 65! I'm going to clean off the dirt on the drive so the boys can ride around in their pedal cars. I hope the weather trend continues because I am so ready for getting out of the house with the kids. I know the kids are all dying to go to the zoo and parks.

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