Monday, March 05, 2007

Weekend Fun

Guess where we went this weekend???

Any guesses yet????

Why, Exploration Place again of course! Cuz it's just too much fun!! And why not spend 3-4 hours of your afternoon there playing with your kids?

Mia had fun too for the most part!

Dominic was taking frogs and catapulting them with that white PVC pipe. NOT AT ALL what it's intended for!!!

Damien drawing with some chalk. He loved that as you can tell by his scribbles.

Dominic could spend hours in the minature room watching the trains.

Yeeeee haw!!

I have the funniest video of Damien driving this thing, I'll try to post soon! He could also spend hours playing with the train tables!

Thomas pulls milk also, not just Annie and Clarabel

All engines report to the Round Station Immediately!


The kids love this bubble wall.

Now I would have tried taking some sneeky Titanic pictures (without the flash to be sneeky)but I didn't want to have to beat anyone up for trying to snag my $250 camera.

For lunch we had Spangles! The kids had corndogs, burgers, and can't forget the slushes! Much better than McDonalds!

Taco Bueno rocks for dinner!! Funny we eat at places in Wichita that we already have here at home.
Messy refried bean face

Sadly, our day ended after Taco Bueno where we came back home with only 2 shopping bags full of clothes. It's a tease everytime we go there and I get just alittle shopping in. I can't wait till we move there!


Rhonda said...

Looks like you had a great weekend!!!

Adam's Mom said...

looks like so much fun!!

Kristi Ann said...

That lst pic of Damien is sooooo cute! Though I like them all. The kids are growing so fast!! I cant get over how much older Alex looks! :) She is going to be a beauty!

Hope everything is well...oh yeah and I LOVE to spend time with my kids doing stuff like that! How fun it looked!

Kristi Ann said...


the LAST pic of damien! hehehe I really should spell check!