Thursday, March 01, 2007

Flushing The Days Away

First, I was bored yesterday afternoon during naptime if you didn't notice it already. Seems that all my mornings are going down the shitter. This morning I awoke at 6:15 and laid there till 6:30 when Alex came in the room. Barely got out of bed to the front room and here comes Dominic running down the hallway full speed! I get Alex agoing on her breakfast and then I hear Mia starting to whimper. (sigh) I told Alex that I HAD to get in the shower and asked her if she could keep Mia happy and just put her binkie in her mouth so I could get a 5 minute shower atleast. She did and when I got out, I had 2 babies wailing. (sigh) I put on my robe and got them both up, Alex dressed and hair brushed, then got myself dressed, then Dominic dressed then Mia in the bath, then Dominic on the bus at 8, then Damien in the bath right after he left. While Damien was in the bath I made our bed and changed the sheets on the boys since they both peed all over their beds. By the time I get everything I need to do done around here, Dominic will be home from school and then a whole new madness begins.

Can we say EXHAUSTING?? This is the craziness that has been my mornings since Mia came home. I can't get a shower in even at 6:30 AM and I have no schedule at the moment which is driving me nuts. The only 2 things on the schedule that are still in order are Noon lunch and 1 PM Naptime. I thought if I cut out breastfeeding that things would get better with a schedule and easier to do things around here. Wrong! Even though the mornings are chaotic, I can't say I could ever be that angry when I look at their cute faces.


Jenn said...

I hope that you can figure out a better schedule that works for you in the morning soon.

Your kids are so adorable! Mia's growing so fast and I love that grin on Damien's face.

Kristi Ann said...


I love your kids man!

They are so cute, and they have so much presonality you can see it in their faces!

Keep the pics coming!