Monday, March 12, 2007

Yep, Daddy drew graffiti our barn for weekend fun!!

And I can only imagine what our neighbors are thinking when they drive by our house now............Dominic wants to be a Brownie Scout soooooo bad. He's listening intently to the leader.

Group shot Friday night when Mia started to look as if she didn't feel too great. All 6 of us played on Mommy and Daddy's bed for awhile after bathtime.
Kids got some fresh air Saturday afternoon at my Dad's house.

Crayola, we LOVE YOU for mud soap!!!!
Well our weekend was pretty boring! We couldn't really go anywhere. We had poor Mia just exhausted from feeling so horrible from shots and Alex sick and throwing up! So of course the two that aren't sick are the ones that wreck the house and terrorize each other screaming so loud the mirrors could shatter. Saturday Dave was gone in the morning but back by noon and by that time I had already had enough for the day and was ready for bedtime. Everything was going wrong that morning. Daddy came home, and the older 3 rushed to him so I had Mia only to take care of which was much better. We took the kids out that afternoon to ride around in the pedal cars and to get some air. After that, Mia seemed to just get more and more sickly. I felt
so bad for her and putting her through the torture of the shots. She's all back to normal now though, thank goodness. Then Sunday morning Alex announced she felt strange, full and hungry. Hmmm..sound alittle nauseous? Yep she started puking by noon. This morning, she puked again so we won't be going anywhere. Good thing we didn't buy those tickets to Sesame Street Live for this weekend. Oh and the barn? It's Christmas Snow in a can. :)


Adam's Mom said...

Look at your four in bed! Just sooo cute! Mia sure is growing up fast! Can you tell her to stop please?!?!

Kristi Ann said...

I have posted a comment 4 times on this post...

it just keeps eating them!

This is my last try!