Thursday, March 15, 2007

Avon Anyone??

There's been so much going on this week mainly because it's Spring Break. I will be so happy when Monday rolls around and everything is back to normal! Can't say I'm not enjoying sleeping in till 7:30 though!

So I finally decided to try to sell Avon. I've thought about doing it forever but never did it, especially after learning one of Alex's friend's mom did it. I didn't want to step on toes. I had told April I had thought about it and she said I should so I told her to have someone call me. Well they did. The moment I got the call it was one of those Open Mouth, Insert Foot type feelings. Seriously, me? Selling Avon?? Let me just say I LOVE Avon and all of their products but me? Someone who hated her last job because it consisted of making sales leads, someone who is pretty shy when it comes to talking to new people. Someone who is definately NOT high maintence. I'm just not the selling type. April told me to do it because as she said, "Avon sells itself, you just hand the books out and in come the orders." Hmmm.... so Wednesday I received my startup kit and my "leader" will help me this weekend if I have any orders or I can of course call. After she left I shut the door and thought, what did I just do? Dave (master of sales in his profession) has told me I need to have some self confidence and that I can do this. Now the initial shock has worn off and I think I'm ready to try. I handed out my 1st campain books to my family so that'll be a start to if I get any sales. They will be my lifeline. LOL He's going to hand out books in offices he does work at and at his own office for me.

Now I can also make sales through their website if I choose to do so. Bad thing is, it's going to cost me like $9 a month to have that feature. That's alot of money when you figure I wasn't planning on doing this for an income, just for fun and for myself to get products I love at a discount. I know Dave's mom wants me to so she can order down in AZ though.

My Mom is taking the news better now but I ruffled her feathers since she is selling Mary Kay. Nothing against Mary Kay but it's way too expensive for me! Sorry! Got 4 kids here to pay for and plus any lipstick is probably going to end up smashed in the carpet so I'll go cheap and it works just as well. I've told her over and over Avon is not just makeup like Mary Kay. They offer so much more. Bath and Body, Jewerly, kids toys, clothing, shoes, purses, etc. It's great. If it doesn't go well, I'll drop out of it but I have a feeling I'll start enjoying it too much to quit.


Rhonda said...

If you put the website up, let me know. If not, I can just ask you for things that I need/want! :)

Colleen said...

Think selling Avon is hard try selling sex toys to the officer's wives on my base! LOL! I agree with your husband, all it takes is a little self confidence, we moms need to do something that is for US once in a while, this might be really good for you!

Kristi Ann said...

She is adorable!!!

And like Rhonda, let me know if you put up site, they have a perfume and face wash I love!

Sabrina said...

Colleen- how is that going anyways with CMemories lady? She still acting ackward about that party?

Rhonda and Kristi- I'll let you know when I get the online part up and running!