Friday, March 16, 2007

Sadly, I Think My Minivan has already been Mom'd.


Rhonda said...

That is WHY too funny!!!!!! My van is getting there..... After the next month of spring break and easter road trips, I am sure it will be!

Sabrina said...

Rhonda-after watching that, I cleaned my minivan today. I found a petrified chunk of burrito, petrified remainder of corndog, 12 lolipop sticks, french fries, Planters Hot peanuts, sunflower seeds, dried milk on the floor, 3 dirty binkies, 3 pairs of kids glasses, wrappers galore, change everywhere, crayons in where my doors slide, a bottle with luckily only water in it, about 20 toys everywhere including a King Bobblehead from BurgerKing with his body shoved halfway through where the seat and back come together. balls! That part with the balls cracks me up because it's usually not the balls rolling around in my minivan, it's cans of food that got out of my groccery bags. LOL Drives me nuts!!