Monday, April 09, 2007

He Is Risen!

Getting ready for a "Quiet" Brownie Egg Hunt in the library!

Easter Twister!

She's out.

Hunting for Eggs at the RacePark.

Group Easter shot before Church

He just hates me taking his picture. He can't even smile at me. lol

Our egg-citing (lol) Easter has finally came to a close this Monday morning. The kids are back in school, hooray! We spent Saturday at our racepark at their huge egg hunt. The kids had a blast! They picked up a few hundred eggs, and got a whole bag full of candy. Mia screamed the whole time. I think she just didn't like being bundled under blankets since it was 40 degrees out! This weather sucks right now! After that we went to the mall and found that our mall didn't have an Easter Bunny this year!! Oh I was so mad!! There was a photographer out there though who was taking Easter shots and he took a family shot of us. I can't wait to see how it comes out. He told me he'll probably have to photoshop! LMAO!! It was hard!! Then we went to Dave's aunt's house and ate dinner and the kids had an egg hunt. We went to pick up some Easter gifts for them and left them there to color eggs.

They were excited when they saw their baskets Easter morning. We spent $60 this year on all 4 so that wasn't bad. We decided no toys though except tiny ones so the boys each got Thomas DVD's with a train in them and Alex got another Laurie Berkner CD. They all got bubble bath and candy. Mia got $5 in her eggs. lol She's still too hard to buy for at the moment. Alex also got an extra dollar from the tooth fairy!! She was so excited about all this new money in her eggs and under her pillow. Then we went to church with my dad and his wife. Yes I said CHURCH!! Dave and I decided Easter was the perfect day to go. The last time I went to church was when Alex was about a month old! So now I know all about the drama of leaving a kid in a nursery because Damien was NOT having it. He screamed and cried and flipped out big time! We ended up with all 4 kids with us. Damien held down on our laps whining to get down and Dominic on the floor playing with trains trying to escape under the pews and of course the girls were great! UGH! Oh well. My stepmom thought they did great for their first time. Obviously she was trying to make me feel better!! Then we all went out to eat at Sirloin Stockade where Damien rocked his chair and fell backwards into a man, spilt a Mountain Dew all over the table and flung mashed potatoes everywhere! Dominic wanted to go under the table and play. They all ate great though so I have to be happy with that. Dave and I chose buffet since it goes alot easier with the kids. Again Dad and Karen thought the kids did great. After that we went home and the kids all took about a 3 hour nap! That was heaven. Then we went back to my dads and then to my mothers to end the evening. I even got the kids to bed at 8:30! Overall it was a great day!

This week will be busy starting with Dave's mother coming in for the next week from AZ. Wish me luck. I'm sure you'll all be hearing about it in a week. :)


Amie said...

Sounds like your kids were pretty normal for the first time in Church, Kyle has been going his whole life and he wants to lay on the floor and play. I say, as long as they are mostly quiet and not bothering anyone else, go with what works. :)

Kristi Ann said...

Wow...sounds like a busy...but fun easter.

I LOVE the pictures of the kids!!

Alex looks SO beautiful in that dress. She looks so mature.

I love the shot of her and damien together.

And mia and her look alot alike in the one of the 2 of them!

How beautiful!