Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Well just a quick update since I won't be on much. (MIL visit) Things other than that are going great! I am just so happy with everything, the kids, Dave, life. Now I just need my house to sell!! Miss Mia is really showing her age now. She is so smiley and giggles just a little when I make funky faces at her. Damien is onry as ever but you can't help but laugh at him. He is such a clown. I have a video I made on my camera phone of him saying Ha Ha like the bully on The Simpsons. He cracks us up. He is one happy little guy. I took him in today and had him evaluated. They did a Denver II test on him. His speech is so far off the charts (behind) I agreed to have him on an IFSP. He'll be evaluated again on May 15th and on the 23rd of this month his Speech Therapist will come over for our first visit. I had Dominic's IEP meeting the other day as well and he will be receiving services too. I'll post more of that on his blog later.

Last night we went food shopping for a hour and a half without the kids. Boy was that different! We put them all in bed and left at 9 PM. Dave's mom was here just so you know we didn't leav them here alone. HAHA. We ran into a friend of ours Nicole from highschool who has 4 boys. It was hilarious. She said "Wow! You guys got a date night! How'd you pull that off?" LMAO Very comical. I asked where her crew was and she said their daddy was watching them so she could get some alone time and some grocerries. Nicole and I really had the Stay at home mom look going on because we both had Yoga pants and baggy T's on from working out in the gym earlier. LOL Luckily we both know we don't normally look like that!! Boy how things have changed in the 12 years since I graduated highschool. Back then, we would have never been caught dead scoping out reduced produce and meat at the grocerry store let alone use coupons!!

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