Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How to Sell a House with Small Kids.

Well our house will have it's 3rd private showing in less than a week today. That's one more than our house had last time when it was for sale for 3 months!!! I was pretty positive our house would sell this time around and it's looking like I was right. There's more people driving by, more people during our open house, etc. More Interest. We have STILL not went house hunting yet. There's a certain area we'd like to live in on the golf course out of town. It's just a few minutes out so running to Sams, Walmart or Super Target would be easy. Things I don't like about the area is you can hear highway traffic and the yards are so tiny!! I'm assuming they think that the swimming pools and playgrounds in the area make up for it but crap! The kids toys will probably take up a majority of the backyard of one of these houses. There's about 10 or so for sale on the course it's just finding one we like and finding time to look with our busy schedule.

Selling a house with small kids sucks. It's hard and I find myself screaming at them to sit down and watch TV so I can finish what I'm doing. That's sad but everything I clean is destroyed in a matter of minutes. Alex and Dominic are not digging this selling the house thing at all because I have their rooms perfect and they know they can't dirty them. At all. For any reason. After this experience I should write a book on how to sell a house with kids. I've learned some tactics I could pass on, one's called clean a room and lock the door even the bathroom. This has helped alot. Alex likes the cleaning up toys with Rubbermaid containters tactic. She likes to organize like Mommy. Another tactic,
www.nickjr.com This keeps Dominic zoned for a few hours so I can clean. And my favorite tactic of all, The Crib. (sigh) If these don't help my best suggestion for the stay at home mom is to find a sitter. LOL


Jenn said...

I really think you should write a book on how to sell a house with small children! Wow! I wouldn't know where to begin. Good luck with it all and I hope that you have lots of luck finding a new house to live in.

Oh and I wanted to comment about the traffic noise in the area you want to live in... When I was younger, my parents moved from a very small quiet town to a house that is literally a stones throw from the highway. My dad was worried about the noise and stuff too, but he said after a week, you didn't even notice it. And I will tell you that growing up in that house, every time we'd go camping, I'd have more trouble sleeping while camping because it was too quiet and I was used to the noise from the highway. So I just wanted to say that even though it sounds crappy now, you'll get used to it in a short time and won't even notice it before long.

pipsylou said...

Sabrina -
I had some questions for you about your c-sections. I'm 3 months out and still feeling some pain at the incision site? How many c's did your doc say you could have? I have lots of questions for you! :)
Can you email me? pipsersmom@Gmail.com
p.s. i'm sorry i don't comment more on your blog!

Kristi Ann said...

Good googly moogly!

You are a wonder woman~