Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Girls, How Do You Pee?

Curious me asks....How do you pee when you are at a nasty public bathroom?
  1. I Hover the seat and aim.
  2. I Sit on the toilet seat. When you gotta go ya gotta go!
  3. I Use a toilet seat cover.
  4. I hate public bathrooms! I'll hold it!

We had Dominic's T-ball practice last night. None of us had to go to the bathroom but I changed Mia's diaper and went to the park bathroom to throw it away. OMG! The smell of pee hit me as I entered the door and you could see the floor around the toilet was wet and it was just horribly nasty!! I would hold it forever by the looks of that bathroom and make my daughter do the same. I usually won't go in public bathrooms unless it's a must (AKA: Pregnancy) Now the boys as long as they stand I'm sure they'd be fine at that bathroom last night as long as they didn't grab the door handle or touch anything. UGH!

Dominic loved T-ball practice but still has to learn to stay in once place. If he's doing 1st, he can't run all the way to 3rd and get the ball. He was really getting upset trying to do it all. His first game is on Saturday.

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Adam's Mom said...

I'll hold it for sure! I had to wash my hands one day in a nasty bathroom and some girl was going into the stall in bare feet GROSS