Saturday, June 02, 2007

Too MUCH to do....

I must say, I have been pretty busy with the kids lately. They want 20,000 things to do a day! I just can't keep up! We've been sleeping in till 7:15 daily (if you call that sleeping in) but it's really throwing me off each day. There is a zillion things going on this summer. This is my tentative list. I know there's a few things missing like Dom's T-ball practice not sure what days yet, but here's our fun for the summer, or I should say Fun For THEM! Somewhere in here, I need to fit in our mini vacation to KC. lol

2nd- Dominic 8:30am T-ball Game
4th- Alex Practice at 6:30
5th- Alex Game at 6:30
6th- Damien play group 9-9:45
8th- Library Summer Celebration 9-11:30
9th- Dominic 8:30 T-ball Game
9th- Alex's B-day party 10-12
12th- Library Story Time at 10am
12th-Alex Game at 6:30
13th- Damien Playgroup 9-9:45
13th- Alex's Practice at 6:30
14th- Library StoryTime 10 am
14th- Alex Game at 6:30
16th- Dominic Game at 8:30
18th- Alex Game at 6:30
19th- Alex Practice at 6:30
20th- Damien Playgroup 9-9:45
23rd- Dominic Game at 8:30
25th- Alex game at 6:30
26th- Alex Game at 6:30
27th- Damien Playgroup 9-9:45
28th- Dominic Game at 8:30
2nd- Alex Game at 6:30
3rd- Gymnastics at 6
4th- Damien's 2nd Birthday Party!!
5th- Alex Game at 6:30
7th- Dominic Game at 8:30 am
9th- Alex Game at 6:30
9th-12th- Alex, Dominic, Damien Swimming lessons 11 to 12
10th- Gymnastics at 6
11th- Damien's Playgroup 9-9:45
11th-Library Crafts 10-11:45
16th- 19th- Swimming lessons 11 to 12
17th- Gymnastics at 6
18th- Damien's Playgroup 9-9:45
18th- Library Crafts 10-11:45
24th- Gymnastics at 6
25th- Damien's Playgroup 9-9:45
25th -Library Crafts 10-10:45
31st- Gymnastics at 6

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kmms said...

are u insane. just looking at this list makes me shudder!!!
I didn't see any mommy time is this crazy line up. try not to burn out to fast.