Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How Many People Lost Their Homes?

I am so worried about alot of Alex's Classmates and their parents homes. I took these shots at 9 AM this morning. The water in the Arkansas River is so full now they are saying it's inches from a few of the bridges. It's still flowing very fast and is so loud at our house. There was no school this morning, obviously!! Dominic goes to a special school so I took him to the nearest intersection to get on the bus.
Refugee Cows my neighbor moved yesterday. I was wondering why yesterday afternoon but now I know! lol

The church sign in the parking lot

That pole shows the water is actually down 1 foot!!

Here's the neighborhood church.

Street sign

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Kristi Ann said...

I am So glad you are o.k!

Your whole family (and state) are in our prayers!
PLEASE let us know if you need ANYTHING! ( a vacation? j/k) lol!

Take care and give the kids a hug!