Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Uh oh!

Thankfully back in the 40's when they realized that "hey! I think this town sits kinda low in a valley, we should build a levee", they built it a bit out of the city limits so that all the water would stay out and just flood farm land. Now in all, that's pretty much what's going on except for that some people have relied too heavily that we never get much rain or flooding so they built country homes and farmsteads back in the 60's and 70's. Alot of the newer house country subdivisions like ours backs right up to the dike and no one has ever considered the dike breaking or breaching.....till Katrina. Now we're all freaked out. The water starts floating into our county up where we are and down through the levee that channels it around the town weaving in and out till it hits Yoder and Haven and keeps going till it makes its way down to Oklahoma. Okies: WATCH OUT! The Ark River has gone Rabid. lol It's breeched one of our levees, there's a hole they've patched in another and is so full it's gone up and over around Haven.

Last night our road was polluted with traffic. I'm getting a bit pissed. Sightseers or gawkers as I call them. My BIL was working last night and as I was turning the corner coming back from gymnastics I told him to get to work. He said he was and I told him standing there talking to his cop buddies isn't working and to start directing traffic. We went back down the street to talk to him and see how it was looking over the dike. Still no change. This is the worst I've ever seen it in my 6 years living here. Usually it'd be gone by a few days but here we're going on 3 days and it's still full. All you see is water, almost like a new lake was dropped in our area. Dominic was so happy to see J working because he wanted to get in the police car. He's addicted to Need For Speed 2 and being a police officer on the game so to really sit in the car is a thrill for him. Then J handcuffed him to the road closed sign and he loved it and giggled staring at his hands. LOL Then J asked him if he wanted to be "tazed" and Dominic jumping up and down shouted "YES YES!!" So I let him taze him. LMAO Just kidding!!!

Here's what our town COULD have looked like back without levees

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Alison said...

You deprived him of the chance to be tazed? What a cruel mother you are. Did you at least let him be pepper sprayed? LOL