Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mia's 4 Months Old!!

Isn't she gorgeous?? I swear she is the prettiest little thing! I am so sad that she's growing up so fast! I am so in love with her it probably makes her sick with how many kisses I give her a day. lol She is such a happy baby and now that she's getting older she's starting to enjoy her brothers and sister. She'll giggle at them and watch their every move. She reminds me of Damien as a baby because he was just dying to get in on the action. She looks the same way! If the kids are wrestling on the floor and she's watching she'll start hollering and kicking real fast like she's all excited by it.
I'm trying to figure out these eyes of hers. I'm thinking she may just end up being my only blue eyed little one! I figured by now they would have changed! They are cute, she'll just be the oddball since the rest of us are brown/brown. Her new milestones are grabbing things, sitting in the exersaucer, laying on her tummy holding her head up, and trying to scoot while on her tummy.
I hope one of these days maybe to have another if Dave and I can get on the same page. Seeing her grow up so quickly has me so anxious. He says he's done but doesn't want to do anything permanent then he also says let's wait awhile and then think about it. I can respect that so I'm back on the pill but the word "done" is just so hard for me to swallow. I think it's because being "done" means moving to the next stage and I don't think I'm there yet. "Done" to me is watching them grow up, doing kid things and watching yourself get old. I am pretty stressed about turning 30 next month. I always told Dave I didn't want kids past 30 because I didn't want to be an old mom and now here I am. This has officially turned into a sad post! I'm sorry! :(

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Jenn said...

Mia is so gorgeous! She's such a happy, beautiful baby. I absolutely love her hair and eyes!

I'm glad that Dave's not ready to do anything permenant and is willing to talk about having more down the road. You are certainly not an old Mom!! In this age where women are waiting to have kids until their 30's and 40's, there is no such thing as an old Mom!