Friday, May 11, 2007

Tell Me This COULDN'T Happen

Around the time I was delivering Mia, Alex had came home from school with some news upsetting her about one of her neighborhood friends in the hallway crying talking to her teacher and mommy. This little girl Amanda is known for getting in trouble alot so I told Alex that she probably got in trouble in class. Then a few weeks later Alex told me that the bus doesn't stop at Amanda's anymore. Then I started wondering but never thought much. I thought maybe they moved. (they are a street over) Then one day we saw her parents shopping at Walmart, without Amanda. Then we found out Amanda's parents STILL live over a street. They had Dave come do pest control and her room is completely empty.

Amanda was adopted by this couple when she was about 2. The mom works at the police department and I'm not sure what the dad does. I worked at that time and Alex was in daycare down the road. One day I was introduced to cute little Amanda by the daycare lady and she said that the people on the next road had adopted her. She reminded me of Shirley Temple with her blonde little curly hair. The roads and houses out here are so spaced out that Alex didn't play with Amanda too much, just at school. We had her over twice but her parents were always calling us to see if Amanda could come over to play. It was always on the weekend or when something was going on though and alot of the time we were walking out the door. We would have had her over all the time if we could have. Her dad had told me a few times that she was always in trouble at school and that she followed him around wanting something to do. She is a rowdy girl but her parents have 2 boys and I think they rough housed her so much as a little kid that she's more of a tomboy now. She was always pushing the boys at school saying she loved them and they were her boyfriends. She's just hilarious.

Anyways with all this flooding, all of us neighbors have been in touch with one another at some point. Some I've never talked to ever. Wednesday morning I was taking the kids to go check out the dike levee to see if the water has receeded and I ran into a neighbor walking there too. We walked together and he was telling me he is a K.B.I agent which I had heard of him but never met him. We got on the discussion of other neighbors and he said something about this couple. I thought "if he's this close to them, maybe he knows" so I said, "whatever happened to Amanda anyways?" He told me they gave her up for adoption. I felt instantly nauseous. I still do 2 days later. I told Dave that night about it and he is in shock by the whole thing too. We just can't believe that someone could adopt a child, live with them for 5-6 years and then give up on them just like that. She may be alittle different than most little girls and more boyish but she doesn't deserve to be rented out for a few years and then handed back to the system. I am starting to wonder if it's because her parents 2 boys are all grown now and moving out and they didn't want to be stuck raising her for the next 10 or so years. I just don't get it. Can you adopt and then give them back?? She had their last name so I thought they legally adopted her.

I can't stop wondering about the whole deal. I want to find this girl and bring her here with us. I am so bothered by this and I bawled to David on the phone this morning while he was working. He feels the same way about the whole screwed up thing. I searched a couple adoption agencies in Kansas with no luck and just about got sick when I saw how many kids are actually out there needing homes. I'm going to call this agency in town later when they open and see if they have any way of helping us. Dave said this morning "can you imagine how crummy they'd feel if the neighbors saw their daughter living with us?" I think it would be a riot and maybe show what kind of people they really are if this is all true.


Kirsten said...

That is the most horrible thing I have ever heard!! Go get her! Maybe the local child protective services could help?

Amie said...

This happens more than you know.....really it happens a lot. It is called a disrupted adoption. If you want to talk about it more feel free to email me. I can give you a little more information on situations like this. It is very complicated and I don't want to discourage you at all but the likelihood of you finding this girl is slim to none.

Rhonda said...

I can't believe that!!!!! That is a terrible thing to do.

Kristi Ann said...

that left me with a sick feeling in my stomach.

that poor child.

I hope you dont forget about her.