Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day! We've all came a long way since before motherhood. My intro on the side of this page pretty much sums it up. I used to go out nightly to the bars with friends drinking and dancing living up on life till the day I took that pregnancy test one night and it came out positive on October 20, 1999. That's my sister's birthday by the way. lol Dave and I were completely in shock being only 22 and all. Everyone was supportive though and then she came along in June 2000! Oh my wasn't that an experience! Brand new parents dealing with colic and acid reflux. Fun Fun! We made it though and look we've had 3 more little blessings (& 2 little angels) so it wasn't bad enough to scare us off even though we were so young. Hopefully everyone reflects back today on the years and realizes how lucky we are to be Mother's to such great little kiddos!


Rhonda said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!

Kristi Ann said...

Happy mothers day!