Monday, May 14, 2007

Recap of Mother's Day

don'tcha like how she throws in that and you love me at the end??
Mother's Day went pretty well I guess. lol I had laying in bed with Mia since like 6 am I think but finally got up around 7 since I wasn't going to get any sleep (she was awake and kicking me to death). I thought maybe Dave would get up and say he was taking us to IHop but he didn't and instead I just said I hadn't fed the kids to see what he'd say and he went in the kitchen and got them cereal. (sigh) So then he didn't act real interested in me at all most of the morning so I went out to the backyard with the kids and we cleaned up the Little Tykes toys from all the dirt and grime of the winter. He said he had my gift still at a store (on hold behind the counter) so he left and came back with this.

It's replacing my VHS-C that I bought when Alex was about 2 weeks old. The old one works fine but i hate having to reburn everything off onto a DVD so now I don't have to do that. YAY! Then the kids got me a few things.

Dominic grew a Watermelon plant at school.

Alex made this bouquet and decorated the pot with foam stickers. She also made a whole bunch of other little home made gifts and wrapped them in notebook paper for me to open. lol

And then at Lowes I thought this was cute so Dave said I could have it for Mother's Day too. lol
We also spent time at my Dad and stepmom's and then we had a BBQ at my mom's house. We bought these really pretty Peace Lily type plants with pink flowers for both of them. Dave's Mom got an Avon Naturals set since I had to mail her a gift. I really didn't get out of any housework though and I wouldn't say Dave jumped on board to try and do it all either. It was a pretty good day though!


Kristi Ann said...

Sounds WONDERFUL (except for Dave's attitude in the morning )

bad Dave! LOL

Thats o.k fathers day is coming up! :)

heheheh I am evil

Sara said...

I'm glad you had a decent mother's day, though I-Hop woulda been nice! LOL.

On another note, I just read about the disrupted adoption, and it just makes me so angry and sick to my stomach. How people can do this, I don't know. I mean, it is a child, a human being! I have heard of several disrupted adoptions recently, and I can't even stomach it. This girl most likely had no other memories of family, since was adopted at age two...and then they just give her, how HOW can people do it? I will never understand this tragedy. Selfish. Horrible. Unfeeling.

There's my anger for the day. :)