Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm a Lover Not a Fighter

The past 5 or so days I've been pretty pissed off at D. I won't get into the whole thing but let's just say he's an insensitive prick at times. My hair's been falling out and he's been saying a few comments like "I'll buy some rogaine." "wear a hairnet." "Clean your mess" (the shower) "don't put Mia on the floor because of the hair." Anyways- after 2 nights crying in bed I finally told him last night and I quote, "You're an insensitive dickhead." So I finally got it all out and he said he was sorry and we had great make up sex. LOL However crying and staying up late 2 nights in a row has gave me the worst morning headaches ever. The end.


Adam's Mom said...

I still have the hair falling out thing happening! It drives me nuts! Shawn trys to tell me I shouldn't color it anymore but it's not from that it's from preggo hormones. Then he says "and you want to do it again some day?" UGH. at least you got good sex out of it LOL

Kristi Ann said...


Sometimes you could just kill 'em!

want me to kick his butt for you?