Thursday, May 17, 2007

No Gellin is going to keep the kids from compellin with their melons on how to be felons. I really need to talk to Ellen.

I seriously have doubts about my ability to keep the kids from killing one another this summer or from turing this house into a disaster zone. 12 weeks of reeking havoc (smelly descruction?) is what I'm expecting. All Dominic and Alex do is tease each other when they are together and Damien and Dominic seem to love taking each others toys causing major meltdowns. Mia just laughs and jumps in the exersaucer with excitement even though she has no idea yet that they are just being B A D. So, even though the house is up for sale and we could end up moving at any time, I'm going to go ahead and start enrolling the kids in the camps and programs they've got going on around here. I've already got Dominic in T-ball and Alex in Machine Pitch. Dominic will stay in gymnastics but Alex is being such a big baby again I'm not putting her in it. Damien has playgroup once a week to help with his speech and social skills. There's quite the selection on keeping your kids active and busy all summer and I'm one mom who's going to keep on top of that. lol I'll be driving several places probably each day. What? Oh it's $3.25 for a gallon of gas you say? I'll pay it just to keep my freakin sanity.


Kristi Ann said...


~sorry I'll stop shouting!~

I just thought it was creative... good luck with the kids this summer...3 drive me bonkers! LOL

Kirsten said...

I am with you sister. I have to keep us busy and out and about to keep the tantrums to a minimum....parks, playgroups, walks, shopping, museums and zoos. Wear'em out!

Sara said...

I don't blame you AT ALL!!!! I am just beginning to think, 'what the heck am I going to do all summer with the kids???? I decided to save money this summer so that we could enroll the kids in more things in the fall, but I don't know if that's such a good idea...LOL. I might go nutso. :) At least over here, there seem to be a lot of free things that I can take advantage of.... Sara