Saturday, May 26, 2007

Life is full of ups and downs and right now I feel like I'm slipping down the hill. I'm totally fine about not moving, actually I'm relieved. I'm alittle skeptical of this new job offer but if he goes for it, I'll support him even though I'm hating this whole deal. I just hope he's right about the pay and that he'll be making more money and working less. Yesterday was my first dry run with the four kids home since schools out and I failed miserably. Oh how I'll miss school! Once I find out when it starts back up, I'll be counting the days.

I woke up early and got my shower, then the kids all woke around 7ish. I couldn't keep them busy for the life of me and they wanted something new to do about every 30 minutes. I did get lunch done at 11:30 and Damien to bed at 1 but Mia was on and off screaming all day and I did get dinner on the table at 5:30. It was just hard! I wasn't prepared at all. The house looked "OK" but I just couldn't keep up! I definately need to replan and rewrite my schedule. I'm starting to homeschool the kids through the summer next week and hope to do that early mornings so that we can get the learning out of the way. Alex's STAR tests came back Thursday that she is at a 3rd grade reading level now and 2nd grade Math! I need to find some workbooks that will challenge her. Mainly I want to keep Dominic focused on what he's learned in Pre-K so he doesn't fall behind. I'm signing the kids up for some art classes in the mornings so that will keep them busy also.

Well after having 7 inches of rain on Wednesday it's flooding again over here. I haven't went and looked over the levee to see how high it is yet but there's been a ton of people over there since last night around 9 when it started. These are some shots from Wednesday night.
This is the road and our neighbors drowned out field. The clouds were rotating, I thought a tornado would pop down but never did!

Those are headlights so cars were still coming over the levee so no flooding was going on after the rain.

Our neighbor and part of our yard totally underwater.

Drainage ditch infront of our house completely full.


Alison said...

I hope things get better as you get the schedule worked out for the summer. You've gotten a lot of rain this year (and you should check out my post from yesterday about tornado alley -- I think you'd appreciate it).

Rhonda said...

Hope your summer schedule gets figured out soon so that you can enjoy your summer some! Hope you get some relief from the flooding soon too.