Friday, May 25, 2007

Shaking in my Boots

We're NOT moving.

He wants that job sooooo bad but I told him we CAN'T move too if he takes it, in which it took him 2 seconds to reply "fine." Moving and not knowing how much he's going to make on sales is way too risky for me. I really wish he'd just stop this nonsense and just stay at T, there's nothing going on there. He gets along fine with is boss there's just no reason other than this pay raise that he's leaving. He's throwing away over 4 years of work. I am just fine with what he's making there.

I'm about to bawl my head off. I feel like everything is just out of control right now. He wants to do this and that which he always has been good about letting me have things so I'm trying to do the same back. As soon as I told Alex we probably weren't moving though, her face just lit right up. Everything is so uncertain anymore and I hate it! The whole past year has been a page by page year as to who knew or knows what was to happen the next month.
Here's some pictures of our day yesterday. It was Dom and Alex's last day of school. Very hard because everyone kept asking when and if we were moving and saying they wished we weren't. Alex also had her first night of Machine Pitch practice.

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Rhonda said...

Sorry things are so up in the air right now. Hope you are doing better.

The pics were great!