Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Free To A Good Home

We've been thinking about it for awhile but today was a deciding factor. Bailey nipped at Dominic for no reason at all. He was just walking by him in the front room. These kids have tormented him and tormented him so much that he's not putting up with their crap anymore. I don't think he will ever "hurt" anyone but I don't want him subjected to it anymore. Dave has someone lined up to take him for us. He has another older dachshund that is paralyzed. It's taken me a bit to warm up to the idea of giving him away but he has assured me this guy will take excellent care of him. I feel awful about giving him away but I know at 9 years old he doesn't need my kids pulling his tail, hitting him and kicking at him all day. I have tried to get them to understand that it hurts him and they just won't quit.

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Rhonda said...

Giving him away may be what is best for him, but it is hard. Pets are like part of the family and it is hard to give them away, even when it is for a good reason.