Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Things Happen for a Reason?

This is a rather confusing post I'm sure. lol Dave called me yesterday telling me he had lunch with his old boss again. His old boss at T*rm*n*x is trying to lure him over to S**ndell. This guy is offering him a BIG raise. I mean like 10% more commission on sales, a truck free to use whenever, and health insurance about $100 cheaper a month. I know he wants to do it. He spent about a hour online comparing the two companies stocks and company history. My problem is that switching jobs is going to make that sense of security go out the door. Right now his job is really secure, he's been there for over 4 years and they need him. They rely on him for not only route jobs but training new guys and such.

Problem #2- We're trying to buy a house. From what we're gathering as long as you stay in the same field then this doesn't matter. I would hate to have him switch jobs and find out the hard way it does.

We've been talking alot about selling the house. It's like we get all excited about it but then we back off when no one has came through for awhile. It's been about 2 weeks now since my last walk thru. I'm starting to think maybe neither of us really cares if the house sells. I know he wants to be closer to work and I am all for that but then we have it so good here where we are. To get what we want we're looking at a house payment around $1250. Here's we're at $700. The kids have 1.5 acres to run and play. There we'll have maybe a 1/16th of an acre. We have friends and family at both places so that really doesn't matter. The school district that our kids will attend here is so much smaller than any district around there. Next year Dominic will most likely attend school with his sister and there I have no idea. It's a back and forth thing with us there's so many pros and cons to moving and it's so hard to weigh it all out.

The other day I said something about the house not selling and what we'd do. Both of us started mentioning doing this and that. We would probably take a home equity loan out and add to our room with a super nice master bath. We would also put another 2 car garage in and put another bedroom in the basement. It's like we'd both been thinking for awhile on the what we'd do if it doesn't sell.

Lastly with my whole ordeal the past few months of losing all my hair, Dave told me I could stop taking the pill if I wanted because he hated seeing me so upset. I did so we are going to wing NFP again. Neither of us want a baby right this second but if it did happen, it happened for a reason. I don't think he'd be that upset if it did. Not after telling me he wants a Gabriella. lol ;)
Here's Mia posing in a shirt I made her.

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