Tuesday, June 12, 2007

16 and Pregnant?

At Walgreens and 2 women approach me with the crew.

Lady 1: "are they all yours?"
Me: "yes"
Lady 1: "how old are they"
Me: (pointing) well she just turned 7, 4, 2, 5 mths
Lady 1: (walking off smirking) "ahh well better you than me!"
Lady 2: "Oh what fun to be 16 and pregnant."

Huh???? Ok I'm actually 29 and didn't start having them till I was 22. Or do you think she is refering to the typical cliche that if you have alot of kids you start at 16 and are probably on welfare? People are so ignorant I swear!


Alison said...

Well, let's see....16+7=23, so take it as a compliment that she thinks you look 23. :D

As for any other thoughts she might have had, ignore 'em. Who cares what a couple of crazy ignorant women think anyway? LOL

Lucia's Mom said...

I know at least a few "older moms" who said that if they'd known how great it would be to have kids, they would have started YEARS ago!

I agree, take it as a compliment!