Friday, June 08, 2007

The Foods We Eat

Recently my Grandpa was doing some yardwork when his arms went completely numb. After a week in the hospital we found out he has 100% blockage on one side of his heart, and 80% blockage on the otherside. He is debating surgery mainly because his MIL died during open heart surgery. I was there in the waiting room when it happened. It was horrible if you can imagine. Grandpa also has Type II Diabetes and has quite a few pounds to lose.

We've been trying to watch some of the foods we buy around here not only because of this, but because we have discovered something interesting. Diet, Light Fat Free, and lowfat foods taste EXACTLY like the real deal! Well, for the most part. The kids can't tell they are having lowfat ice cream and I can't tell that Country Crock spread is light. We're hoping changes here and there to our diets will help us be healthier.

So I ask you, What lowfat, fat free foods have you found that taste almost identical to it's original?


Kirsten said...

Light Mayo, Light cottage cheese, and 1% milk are big in our house!

Lucia's Mom said...

We hardly ever use sauce or dressing. We go for lemon juice olive oil, hot sauce or salsa to liven up the food. Amazingly, Lucia seems to like spicy foods.

almost anything is pretty good if you switch and don't look back ... amazing what your taste buds get used to. We cut out salt a lot because babies < 1year are supposed to have no salt in their foods, and now we prefer the taste with a lot less salt.

Alison said...

Light Mayo and salad dressings. I love the Klondike 100 calorie ice cream sandwiches as well as the ice cream bars (vanilla with chocolate around them). They are really good.

Kristi Ann said... are talking to the boxtop queen!


We are TRYING to change

Jenn said...

One of my favorites is using the spray butter instead of regular butter because there are no calories or fat in it.

I also buy the reduced fat/low fat variety of everything that I can and I agree with what Lucia's Mom said, that you get used to the difference and don't even notice as long as you don't switch back and forth.

Good luck with the healthier lifestyle. I've been working hard on mine as well.

Sabrina said...

Jenn- really I had no idea about the spray butter and no calories. Interesting!

Kristi Ann- oh I just LMBO at your comment. Yes we eat alot of boxtop foods but we CAN alter them with lowfat milk and butter!

Allison- I'm going to look for a lowfat Thousand Island today. I'm going to buy for sure some light Mayo since we're out. I honestly can tell no difference with ice cream either and you can't beat 100 calorie Klondike bars!!

Cristen- I'm hoping that every food we find now that' lowfat or fat free we stick with. There's no reason to use the fattening stuff if it tastes the same. I've never tried Lemon Juice or olive oil on anything. Those are good alternatives.

Kirsten- I think the next time I buy milk, I'm going to go for 1% since we go through so much, it would be nice to see if the kids even notice.

Thanks everyone for posting, If anyone else has anything to add, feel free to!