Thursday, June 07, 2007

Updates on Life

I figured I'd do alittle update. Each day keeps slipping by and I keep thinking maybe we'll know what we are going to do but we don't. Our realtor called the other day about doing an open house on Sunday and we passed mainly because we have Alex's Birthday party and also our neighborhood BBQ this weekend.

D was offered Service Manager at work. I don't know if they heard about the other place trying to get him to quit and work for them but he went ahead and told work yes he'd take it. I told him to tell the other place so they would leave him alone about it. So he did. They told him if he changes his mind to please call them. He tested yesterday and should find out next week if he passed.

We're both at a point with this house that we just want to take it off the market and stay here. I know deep down he really wants to move closer to work but the constant worrying about having the house clean is getting to me and he knows it. It also doesn't help the road was closed getting here due to flooding twice in a month. I think the best way for this place to sell is to move out but we can't see doing a bridge loan and having high interest and we can't see renting and then moving again when it finally does sell. We talked seriously about how to get the place paid off quickly or maybe just expanding and staying here. Seriously this is nice home, it's not brand new, it's not extravegant but we have a nice house with plenty of land, the best sunset on Earth since we face the West, and I think one heck of a great school district for the kids. We live very comfortable here with a low house payment and only owe about $80K. I'm not materialistic, I'm fine where we are. I don't need some fancy brand new house on a golf course and I'm not going to go in debt to get there. Our realtor told me yesterday there are 25 houses at the same price range we are competing with. There are 450 houses on the market here and they are -160% on house sales.

Alex turned 7 yesterday. WoW. 7 years ago I had my "little monkey" as I called her. She had so much hair all over her like a little chimp. It was funny. She was born 4 weeks early due to complications of me having Preclampsia at 6lbs 1oz and 18 inches long. I had 2 months of peeing in jugs, constant monitoring, 2 hospitalizations all before her birth. Oh what fun. It's hard to believe I've had such easy pregnancies since her. My labor with her was very quick. I started at 4:30 with Cervidil and by 5 my water broke and I was having hard contractions. I started pushing her out at 12 am and by 12:45 I was signing consent form for a C-section because she was stressing and her heartrate was not bouncing up at 70bpm. I was put under and when I awoke (choking to death from the tube) there she was! Here's a pic of her cake we had made. She's doing a DOG theme this year. lol
Damien had his 1st day of language playgroup on Wednesday. I guess he did a great job! He wailed when he saw that I was leaving him there. There were 5 little boys 1 girl. They did great playing together according to the teachers. He cried until he saw they had cars there and he could play with them. It's at Dominic's Early Intervention School and hopefully they will get some words out of him. At 23 months now he says or TRIES to say, "mama" "dada" "dis!" "uh oh" "uh uh" "cheese!" "yeah!" and "honk honk" He'll make noises to simulate the sound for thank you. He makes emergency vehicle noises, he makes motor noises and brake noises. He can point to his butt, tummy, weenie, nose, eyes, teeth, hands, and feet. He is WAY behind for a soon to be 2 year old but I have a feeling he will catch up quickly since I'm getting him started quicker with EI than I did with Dominic. I hoped with Dominic he would just start talking but he never did and I got his first Eval done at 2 1/2.
Dominic is still Dominic. He's so hard, sometimes I just want to scream why but then other days are easier with him and I think he's perfect. His emotions are still all over the place. He cries alot about the stupidest things. If the computer freezes up you can hear the anger in his voice and then he'll have tears in his eyes and hit the computer. Or if Damien has a toy he'll slam him to the ground angrily with tears in his eyes. Then he'll kiss Mia out of the blue. You can still tell him a thousand times not to do something and he's still going to do it. We've been 2 years now with no naps except on a slight occasion. By that I mean maybe 2 naps a month. He's always on the go yet we still are not doing meds. I just don't know if I can do it. People can say all they want about it'll change him, making him better, slow him down, etc. I feel though like the medicine is a poison to him. It's almost like someone exclusively breastfeeding being told to quit and give their kid formula. It makes me sick to think if I start meds, I'm going to have to most likely continue them forever. When he zoned he is super smart though. He'll play Starfall or PBS Kids for hours and you'll hear the computer say "great job!" "way to go!" He guesses all the right answers nearly everytime. And last of all Mia. She is now 5 months old! I can't believe how big she has gotten, it just blows my mind. She's always got a smile on her face unless she's hungry or pooped of course. The kid LOVES her siblings and always watches their every move. She gave herself a hickey on her wrist so that's a first with any of my kids. LOL! She likes to suck on her fingers but mostly the binkie. The kid loves grabbing her toes and holding them all day too. She likes her exersaucer and to roll from one side of the room to the other. She'll get up high on her arms but hasn't got on her hands and knees just yet. At her 4 month visit she weighed 14.5 lbs. She's got to be about 15-16 now with the little rolls on her legs. The past week she's been all about saying 'da da' Her and Damien say 'da da' back and forth and just giggle at each other. It's nice that they are so close in age and have a common language. lol As far as me, I'm doing really good. I wish I could get under 179 lbs but we all know how that is. The kids drive me crazy sometimes but I am never stressed enough that I would have it any other way. I enjoy staying home with them and being able to be their teacher in life. I'm turning 30 this month so pardon me when the 23rd comes and I cry on y'alls shoulder. I hate that I'm leaving my 20's and moving up into the 30's. Just sucks. Doesn't help that back when I was 21 asking Dave about kids that I told him I wanted to be done by the time I hit the big 3-0 and now here we are, well except for him that day will be in 4 months. He's still contemplating another and I've told him to hurry up so we can still be not too far from my deadline. I'd like to try for 2 more but only if he truely wants to. :)

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Lucia's Mom said...

You go girl! I would LOVE to have 4, and 6 would be awesome. My history of preterm labor and c-sections makes it hard to imagine (and heck, I'm already THIRTY-ONE!!)

Go for it. You're a great mom.