Monday, June 18, 2007

Another Lazy Weekend....

Beating up Daddy! What a Father's Day Gift!!
We had a pretty enjoyable weekend. We started if off right by buying some annuals being marked 1/2 off and planting pretty flowers in the flower bed. The flowers are doing much better this year than last with all the massive amounts of rain we've received. Then Saturday morning we got up early and headed to the ball diamonds for Dominic's T-ball game. He decided about a third of the way into the game that he was DONE. They had to wait around for about 30 minutes to get their team pics taken so the kids were tired. It was fun though.

For Father's Day we spent a few hours at each set of my parents. Dave's parents are still in AZ so we don't do anything with them EVER. (sigh) We just gave my Dad and Stepdad gift cards to Chili's. For Dave we bought him a cell phone case and a FM transmitter for his work truck. It plugs in your lighter and you put a SD card in with your mp3s and it plays them over your stereo. We cleaned the yard good on Saturday evening and the house all morning Sunday just so one person would come to our Open House. Yeah. I am DONE with this selling the house thing. We decided we'll pull it off when the 3 months is officially up and just add on to what we have. That will be so much cheaper anyways than buying a new house. Here's us this Father's Day. My Grandma went camera crazy as always at my Mom's BBQ. She took pictures of every family, cousins, etc.

As much as I loved the help this weekend, I hate how Dave does things. Folding laundry, Doing the dishes, washing clothes, yard work, etc I hate how he does it. Anyone else have this problem and have to correct everything? He had all the boys clothes in 1 pile. The boys clothes are getting to that point where it is hard to tell but still, look at the tags. And don't hang things inside out or fold it the wrong way because it irks me. Put things in the dishwasher my way and don't half ass the yard. And also, do you ever have to peek around the corner before entering a room because you know as soon as your infant catches you in her view she's going to start screaming for you to get her out of her exersaucer? Do you have an alternative route to skip the front room? I do thank God. I can skip the front room by going in the other door to the bathroom (there's 2) and going to the other rooms that way. I guess I'm done with this post! lol

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Alison said...

My husband and I compromised on the laundry since he doesn't fold it correctly. LOL At least in my opinion. He washes and dries it and puts it in the basket, and I fold it all. And I fold the girls' clothes up as outfits. Otherwise, my 3 year old will decide what "matches."