Friday, June 15, 2007

Hickville, KS

When I started this blog, I really didn't think that I should be putting where EXACTLY I was located. All of us in these parts basically say when asked "where are you from?" answer BFE or Bumfuck, Egypt or the sticks, the boondocks, etc because to us, that's what it is!! I found out last night that yes, there is worse. Alex's ball games have us traveling to these tiny towns that the rec commission has paired up with. Last night we went to this town called Little River, KS. You hear about it all the time but no one ever goes there. Till last night. Population 600. This little town sits over 30+ minutes from our town in the middle of wheat fields off the highway. I was cracking up because you can only go so far through wheat fields thinking you're going to come up on it and Alex was worried we were lost and it was just me and her taking this adventure. Finally we arrived there and my cell phone went into roam, the roads were all made out of asphalt millings (or pieces of asphalt) and appropriately the town team mascot is The Redskins. It was small and about as Redneck as you could get and no stores in sight. This was the 2nd time our team played theirs and they beat us again but the girls are getting better. They are 7 years old and this is their first year at Machine Pitch. These girls are 10 years old and are about a foot or so taller. They cheat constantly and their coach heard me heckel her telling everyone in the stands that they were cheats. Outfield is Outfield. You don't have your outfield girls stand up by 1st, 2nd and 3rd base to help them out just because you know the ball isn't going very far or have them yell "hey batter batter" to a bunch of 7 year olds that can't even hit at 30 mph. And then for their coach to whisper in their ear to steal bases, that's just pretty sad. They just really pissed me off. Plus my cell phone kept ringing and losing it's signal when I answered because of us being in The Middle Of Nowhere. After we left Timbuktu, we drove through the wheat fields and back to civilazation. I must say I am very pampered to live where we live in these parts. I have country, I have city. I can't imagine not visiting Walmart or Applebees atleast 2-3 times a month or Godforbid my favorite, Dollar General. To get to any "small town" with a mom and pop food store would take anywhere from 20-30 minutes from that place. Definately NOT the Suburbia I am used to.

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Crystal said...

Yikes! That does sound like BFE. LOL.

I enjoyed reading that post Sabrina. Your writing is getting more and more descriptive and precise (if it was even possible to do because you already did great writing). Have you ever thought about entering a short writing contest, or writing a short story for a magazine, etc?