Thursday, July 12, 2007


I haven't been on much lately. Kids I tell ya! We're doing swimming lessons from 11-12 and it's been fun. The kids love it. Dominic is ready to be in the water by himself though. He's got the preschool class mastered.

Things around here have been crazy. If I was complaining about D's schedule before, that's nothing compaired to how I'm going to complain now that he's a manager. This is his 2nd week in the position. He's gone now from about 6:30am- home around 6:00-6:30 pm so about a hour later than normal. I hardly talk to him at all now as where before we talked about 10 times a day. I'll call him and he'll say I have to go do this or that, or someone is calling, etc. So far he's worked both Saturday's only till noon though. His phone is blowing up all freakin night and it even went off Sunday at church. He's on the phone constantly. He's got a company cellphone now but last month while this was all going into place he used over 1100 anytime minutes and that's not including the 2000 used on mobile to mobile!! This is a transition that's for sure with all these employees now depending on him.

I have no idea how his pay will be yet since it's still salary plus commission. I'm anxiously waiting for my license to come back so I can think harder about doing daycare again. Since we're staying here I probably should think about helping out some. Avon isn't going to cut it! LOL We are pretty good about only buying what we can afford but this past month with Oscar costing $300, well we're $300 less for the month so that sucks because I now have a credit card balance.

Oscar is doing well. The stitches on the bottom part of that L all ripped out. His wound looks similar to what it looked like before getting it done although there is still stitches in the top half. Now that it's all exposed and there's no way to stitch it shut they want it to just heal on it's own. It looks nasty and almost looks crusty. It's not scabbing yet but I hope it starts soon. It went from blood colored to like a dark maroon. We've tried wrapping it but can't get anything to stay on that bend of his leg. I hope he's learned that you can't walk through chain link. He doesn't seem to be in much pain by it although it looks painful to me!

I had a few long talks this week with a woman at the school board about getting Dominic in Alex's school with his IEP. She says that he may end up going to the other Grade School. As long as they offer bussing and the services there's not much I can do about it. She's going to try to snag a community spot from the other Grade school and give it to Alex's School so he can get in that way. Then the Early Intervention school he goes to will provide the Special Ed services to him for his Speech, social, and cognitive needs. After finding this out I called his teacher Kristy and told her what I was trying to do. She was supportive although she said she's really going to miss him. He's been going there since he was 2 yrs 10 months! Damien will be on his way into the program next year I'm sure since he's still not talking but saying a few words.

Mia had her 6 month appointment the other day. She weighed 16 1/2 pounds!! She's a big girl with her little rolly polly legs. I can't believe she's already 6 months. She's loving toys and any paper she can get ahold of so she can rip it to pieces. I've started giving her more sweet potatoes and she has cereal daily but usually through a bottle. She's starting to get the whole open her mouth and how to keep it in there but it's still easier with an infant feeder!

Damien is really getting bad about taking naps. I think it was around this time when Dominic started rebelling on naps too. I NEED him to nap. lol I was going to be buying him this soon, but if he's refusing naps then I might keep him in his crib an extra year. :)

You'd think with all this craziness lately my baby fever would calm down. It has not. I just want to smack myself daily for thinking about another or even for asking Dave if he'd consider it. lol Why are we like that??

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