Monday, July 16, 2007

Damien's 2nd Birthday Party Pictures

It's hard to believe my little binkie boy is now 2. We had 3 of their cousins over along with some other family. Just a small pizza party at home. He was happy with his gifts since most were cars. lol He will not drive his new CAT Dump Truck but loves to sit in it and push the button that beeps like a real backing up dump truck. lol The kids tried all night while driving both vehicles around to get Damien to hop in for a ride but he's like "uh uh!" (shaking head no) Oh well, I'm sure by next year he'll be driving it everywhere. Hopefully he wasn't too traumatized by Dominic accidently running him and his legs over last night. lol He's fine, but was screaming like crazy when he was trapped underneath. lol
Now 2 and a big boy he walks up step slowly! lol It's pretty cute!
We needed to mow but the kids smashed down all the grass. Looks alot better now! lol
I think Damien's got every Cars character from the movie now after yesterday.

Trying out the Dump truck but below you see it's not for long. He's trying to get out. lol

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Rhonda said...

LOVE the dump truck!!!! Where did you find that????