Friday, July 20, 2007

Swimming Lessons.......Check

We've completed yet another thing on the To-Do list this summer. We'll be finishing up Damien's school playgroup soon, taking a little vacation, starting back into gymnastics, and then it's back to school! Alexzandra has to take Level 2 over but Dominic passed in the first 3 days we had class. LOL By the third day his teacher said he should be in Level 1 and not the preschool class.

Alexzandra doing the back stroke

Talking with her new friends in her class
Dominic's teacher lining up hula hoops for them to swim through...
And there he goes!!! My little Minnow!
The babies were a bit bored. Damien always fights because he wants to run all over the place. They have a baby playground with the baby pool that he loves.
The little Graduate

The pool, Dominic is about 1 inch from being able to go down the slides. He's been begging everyday of lessons if he can go down them.
Since it was lessons only, the big playground thing in the water wasn't turned on. He was kinda sad. That red thing he's grabbing is a water gun.
Walking with his hoop after going down under for it. He flew out of the slide so fast I totally missed the shot. lol
I'm not sure what Alex was doing here. Looks alittle bewildered.
Another of my purdy little girl! Ahh! I can't believe she's 6 months now! She's wearing an outfit of Alexzandra's when she was little but Alex was walking when she wore it!!! It's 12 months and she's so big it fits perfectly on her. The top is a halter tank. lol


Mama C-ta said...

That has to be the coolest pool I've ever seen! Great pics!

Kristi Ann said...

WOW! That IS an amazing pool. And I cant get over how ADORABLE Mia is!!!! I SWEAR she gets cuter everytime I see her. She has "killer" eyes!!!! She will be knockin' the boys dead! LOL

Thanks for sharing them! I love seeing your kids in action....and Bug LOVES seeing Dom!