Saturday, July 21, 2007

Where's Virginia?

Yesterday I had to make another trip with Oscar back to the vet to have his leg "packed." It's looking ok but we've got to get that skin to grow up and over the open wound. When he ripped out the stitches it went from a 2 week recovery to a 6 week. It's draining me.

My Grandma came over yesterday to watch the kids for me so I could take him by myself. She brought over this huge Readers Digest Atlas of the World as a gift to Alex. It's an awesome book of science. She wanted to show Alex Virginia, her home state. Grandma talks all the time of her sweet memories of Virginia. Originally from Grundy, she speaks of the Appalachian Mountains, running through fields of flowers, and moonshine she remembers drinking. After returning with Oscar Grandma stood up and announced in her strong southern accent that she had a problem. She'd asked Alex to get out her USA map puzzle and took Virginia off to show her the state. She had Virginia on her finger but then it disappeared and she just couldn't find it anywhere. I told her not to worry about a stupid puzzle piece and I was sure I'd find it. She was so upset she went to the trash and looked in a diaper of Mia's that she changed saying it had to be in there and she'd "warsh" it real good if it was. I think Grandma was more upset that she lost the state of Virginia off the puzzle than anything. She probably wouldn't of cared as much if it was Nebraska, Idaho or even Kansas!! She finally left sadly after I assured her we'd find Virginia and to not worry about it. But she had all these "I-dee's" where Virginia could be. My Crazy Grandma. I found Virginia later last night. Stuck tightly to Mia's little buttcheeks in her diaper that I guess Grandma was in the middle of changing when she decided to snatch Virginia off the puzzle and show it to Alex. And I "warshed" it off real good.


Kristi Ann said...

thanks for the giggle.

i REALLY needed it!

She has such a "cute bum" as Bug would say! :)

dlphin99 said...


thats so funny she says "warsh"...I've pronounced it that way all my life and I've always been picked