Monday, July 02, 2007

Well today our house officially is off the market. I can't believe it's July already. Who knows what we'll do now. I'd like to add on but he's so stubborn about spending money on this house. We'll see. All I know is we have 4 of us using one bathroom now. It's going to get tough when Alex gets into primping herself in the mornings and then when Damien and Mia start potty training!

I believe we found a church finally. The first 2 were small and one didn't even have a nursery. There's 2 more nearby that I'm interested in checking out but D thinks it's silly to check out several churches before deciding on one. I'm trying to find one that everyone feels comfortable at and they accomodate kids. Well the one we went to on Sunday had a class for both Dominic's age and Alex's. They had a very nice clean nursery in which Damien waved yelling "bye!!!" and ran in the door. LOL!! They give you pagers if they need you for any reason which I thought was nice!! Dominic didn't take the seperation from his siblings too well though so he'll probably be in the nursery next time with his brother and sister. Alex loved their Sunday School. They have Awana too which is nice although I hated it as a kid. LOL They have camp, VBS and many Bible classes for adults. The band was awesome, it reminds me of my old church. The Pastor is young and hilarious! In all it was great. I started crying when the band played How Great is Our God (I seem to always tear up at that song!!) but I think alot of it was because of Grandpa having his surgery Saturday.

I haven't mentioned on here but my Grandpa in his late 60s was and did have quadruple bypass surgery. About 3 weeks ago he was doing yard work and felt "off." Went in the house and his arms went numb and he started sweating badly so Grandma ran him to the ER. Dr's found out that his heart was 80% blocked on one side and 100% on the other. About 10 years ago my Grandma's mother had a bypass in which she died on the table. I'll never forget that day since I was there. Because of all this we weren't sure if Grandpa was going to do the surgery or not so on Father's Day we had a big family get together where tons of pictures were taken "just in case" But he made it through and the outlook is good. He should be moving from ICU to a normal room possibly today. He's requesting to my Grandma he wants his underwear so it sounds like he'll be fine. LOL Nurses are saying no underwear while on the cathedar.

David started as a Service Manager today. He's been in the office all day and has called me saying he's bored. Before, he was never in the office for maybe 2 hours and drove all day. I am so happy this has finally happened for him!

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