Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I HAD a Dream!

When talking to our Pastor Sunday at church, I told him I was a bit jealous of all the big bellies bouncing around at the church. He laughed and said "well we can work on that!" Meaning my jealousy of course. ;) But then last night I had this dream....A dream I was pregnant again! Then we went to church and I was shouting from the roof top "I'm pregnant!" I was pretty happy sharing it with everyone there because now I too would have one of the bouncing bellies and just like that the jealousy was gone! I never have had too many pregnancy dreams and it was weird that I had this one. I don't know if it's a sign of something to come or maybe I'm feeling kinda stupid for telling him the bellies were making me jealous. LOL He's pretty young (mid 30s) so it's not like I was telling some old man. Ideally after 4 C-sections, i should wait longer than 7 months to get pregnant again. It was a neat dream though! I really miss being pregnant. :( Anyone else feel that way?

School for Alex starts in just 2 more days! I am looking forward to it more than you can imagine. I need my 9 months of normalcy around here back. Enough with the "I'm bored, what can I do?" and "there's nothing to do Mommy!" She's been driving me nuts! There's Barbies, a V-smile, Leapster, Polly Pockets, zillions of My Little Ponies, a Dora House and Castle, Hundreds of books to read, etc. Then I ask her to do a few simple chores since she's bored and she ignores me. Figures! Dominic starts on the 27th at Alex's school which I am soooo happy about! It'll be nice going to just 1 school now to help out and watch the kids. I can eat lunch with both of my kids at school! I'm excited about that one!
Mia is 7 months now! She has become quite the little Army Crawler lately. She is all over the place by either pushing with her toes and elbows or rolling to what she wants. It's funny to watch. She'll push a few times with her toes then start rolling two or three times to get where she needs! The other day she rolled completely down the hallway to our room. She still won't get up on her knees though or sit up! I think the other 3 sat up unassisted by 6 months but not her! She's taking her sweet time. My favorite thing about Mia is how much she loves her siblings. Maybe that's why I dreamt we were having another. :) It's so sweet! She is so close to Damien always trying to grab him to pull him close. They can chat in each others language since he's still not talking. lol Dominic she just smiles and talks to all the time like he understands her, but Alex she thinks is riot and always copies her either clicking her tongue or sticking it out at her. She's a pretty smart baby!


Rhonda said...

Yay for the start of school!!! Mia is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jess T said...


I'm not a big fan of the pregnancy thing. :) The second time has been much easier, but I am not sure I want to sign up for it again.

Of course, I was convinced I would never consider it again after Syd. Guess that wasn't the case!

Jess said...

First, I cannot believe you are anxious to get pregnant again already! I barely had the baby bug when we tried again this time around. When Ella was 7 months old the very thought of being pregnant made me feel sick to my stomach! I hope it works out the best possible way for your family and you get to have your 5th baby!

I can't believe Mia is 7 months old- time flies!

Lucia's Mom said...

I've got the baby bug too. Had it for a while. About the last 16 months of my 17 month old's life. sigh. I love babies.