Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Musical Beds

I'm a big kid now!
Last night we put Damien in this toddler bed we bought him. Does it look a bit odd? This company out of NJ has sent the same side rail twice now so to put the bed together it has to go backwards till I can tell them AGAIN that it is not the left side board I need, it's the right. I even circled it on the instruction sheet when I faxed it. Grrrr! This Riga toddler bed is the only one I could find that would match the Jenny Lind furniture we have.
My favorite part though is the pull out trundle drawer. I've put Damien's diapers, shoes, and shorts in there for now.
So Mia has moved from her Graco Pack n Play bassinet to the crib FINALLY. Damien is in this nice toddler bed for now and then we may be doing some nice bunk beds in Dominic's room eventually since he's begging for them. The nursery looks much bigger now eve though this room is only 10 x 10. This is looking from the doorway in.
Looking from the dresser to the other end of the room.
From the closet to the beds.
And a couple pics of the babies.


Rhonda said...

Sorry the bed has been such a pain!!! It does look nice in the nursery though!!!!

rachd said...

Wow! The kiddos are getting HUGE!!!

Isn't it funny how people just don't get it some times? I kinda like the funky look to the bed. :oP