Friday, August 17, 2007

Name 1 Thing You Could Live Without Your Toddler Doing.

Here's mine. Sticking all our toothbrushes down the drain. Thankfully Dave stocks up on the packages at Big Lots for occasions such as this one (they've been thrown in the toilet and fishbowl) so threw them all away and we have new ones...........again. One was so far down I had to use needlenose pliers to get it out. So what does your toddler do?


Adam's Mom said...

I could live without my toddler being whiney around me and fine around everyone else. What's with that?

Rhonda said...

OMG!!! I can't believe he put all the toothbrushes down there!!!! My toddler loves to try to play in the kitty litter. What a lovely site to see!

Sabrina said...

Sheri- yes! All whining should be banished! I hate that when they act so well around others but not mom and dad!

Rhonda- uh yeah. I fished out the 3 brand new tooth brushes again today. That's just nasty about the litter! Hopefully he's using the scoop and not his hands! Yikes!