Wednesday, August 08, 2007

She's Here!

She arrived at 9 am and after she was settled in the field the kids RAN out to see her. We're all in love. She in gorgeous. She was whined alittle when she heard the trailer close but overall is not nervous at all! I did notice however when she pooped that it is loose and has just a few worms so we ran to the store and bought some wormer. What a nice welcome home gift for her! lol Horses don't particularly care to be wormed if you didn't know. You shoot a gel on their tongue and inside on the upper lip, hold their head up afterwards. Kinda gross.


Jess T said...

Congrats! Sorry about the worms. That is yucky.

Rhonda said...

She is beautiful!! Sorry she had worms!!! But what a wodnerful horse!!!

Adam's Mom said...

she's so pretty!