Monday, August 06, 2007

Tragedies Affect EVERYONE

We went to Wichita this weekend and met Echo, our soon to be horse. She is very sweet so it looks like Wednesday we'll get her here. Should be interesting to see how it goes because horses HATE being moved to somewhere new.
Dominic has been busy playing with new Hotwheels Monster Jam trucks this past week while I've been glued to the news of the MN Bridge Collapse. It was on every minute of everyday last week it seemed and Dominic may have caught a bit too much of it. Saturday morning my stomach wasn't feeling too great, and I believe because I was a bit nervous because Wichita is nothing but bridges and overpasses. To get just about anywhere you have to use them unless you want a 45 minute drive across town. When we came up to I-135, Dave asked if I was going to be ok going that way since it is about 1-2 miles of in the air bridges passing over town. I told him I'd be fine. Dominic on the other hand was not.
As soon as we got on I-135 he started screaming, "I get down, I get down Daddy...please daddy get down??" This went on over and over every small bridge, small overpass. I-135 though he started really getting upset because it's so long. His voice kept going higher in tone and a bit louder. "Daddy, please get down? I don't want up, I want down." There was nothing we could do to make him feel any better but tell him we would be off in just a few minutes and to play with his toys. His voice was quivering, his eyes were huge, and he looked like he was about to bawl. It was heartwrenching!
After seeing Echo and playing with her for a bit, we went to Old Town and ate at Old Chicago. I wished the kids could play in the sprinklers there but Damien and Mia were both getting cranky since it was nap time. We drove to Sam's Club for a few things and then started back home. As soon as we started hitting the small bridges on the way home though, Dominic was in a panic asking to get down. I'm hoping he'll forget that bridges fall down on occasion. He will not be allowed to watch the news anymore that's for sure!


Rhonda said...

We never think about how much of the news the kids are watching until it something that they really connect with. I hope he gets over his new fear of bridges soon!

Jess T said...

Aww, poor sweetie. Can't say I blame him.

I have to travel across the bay bridge next month, which I already hate. I'm not looking forward to that one bit.

Adam's Mom said...

Poor kid! It is scary! I feel the same way!