Friday, August 10, 2007

Yesterday after my whiney post, I tried so hard to be productive. I think we got a pretty fair share done. I cleaned like crazy, did a bunch of laundry and tried to keep on a schedule. Alex and I made some banana bread together. We also made a loaf of bread in the bread machine. She had a blast helping with the banana bread and mixing up everything. I just wanted to get rid of the soggy bananas I had on the counter. lol One thing about Alex is she LOVES to cook. Her favorite thing to make is Macaroni and Cheese although she really enjoys making any kind of dessert. Really, you tell her you're making anything at all and she's running to the bathroom to wash her hands to help. She even helped me make Chicken and Dumplings for dinner. Then afterwards we went outside to see Echo the dogs and look for critters.

(pointing at a toad)

Every toad we see now I'm instantly reminded of Hannah. I'll never forget her that's for sure. There are a few hundred on our property, so how could I? We have some the size of saucers in our barn. It's crazy how big they can actually get. Thankfully no huge bullsnakes were found on this evening. lol But we did find the perfect spiderweb in the grass collecting dew. The kids thought that was pretty neat. There's actually a spider in there somewhere......
But the most fun of the evening is watching the kids faces light up when playing with Echo. She like a big ol' puppy dog wanting to nuzzle and be pet. They are in awe when petting and playing with her. You can see Damien just waiting for her to swoop back down to his level so he can pet her nose.
Yesterday a friend of ours stopped by and he helped me worm her. I haven't seen anymore worms in her poo. Actually it's normal for horses to have some worms since they usually are on the blades of grass and such. Since I haven't had a horse in 4 years I was a bit nervous to try myself and there's no telling when Dave would be able to help since he's ALWAYS working. He was home by 6:30 so we could eat together and I could take the older kids outside. I know he loves this new position and the money is nice but the more he comes home late, the more frustrated I get. I'm sure I'll be fine, it's just going to take awhile to get used to. I really wonder how this will all work with school starting and when we start 4H, Girl Scouts, and Gymnastics again. Soccer starts in September too. School starts for Alex in less than a week! Yippee!


Rhonda said...

The bread looks fabulous!!!!! Let Alex help you as much as you Sorry can!!! Sorry Dave is still getting home late, but it is great he was home for dinner!!!! Take care of yourself!

Adam's Mom said...

now I want fresh baked bread! YUMMY!

Sorry Dave is getting home late - Shawn too lately. It sucks because I really like dinner to be family time!

Love the baking photos - I used to like helping my mom cook too! Such great memories for me!

Kristi Ann said...

YUMMY. I LOVE to cook too.

I love all the pics! I know she will too when she gets older and sees how you documented her life!

You rock!