Saturday, September 22, 2007

Check Your Dates!

When I was in highschool, my bestfriend came to school one day with the most horrible looking plastic Barbie looking hair. She was so upset because she had colored it but was left with hair that was the new color but almost formable. By that I mean she could pull it straight up in the air and it would stay straight up! I called my awesome hair dresser at that time and she said to look at the date on the box. Sure enough, it was expired by like a year! She had bought it at a grocery chain in town. So we took her to my hairdresser and she poured a box of baking soda in her hair and waalah! She was back to normal. We were told never to buy hair color at the grocery store because they never rotate out their old stock.

So what about food? You'd think the grocery chains would do a great job rotating out old food so no one would get sick right? Don't want to get sued or anything in our sue happy world. Last night I went solo at 10 pm to do some light shopping. Mia was getting low on her baby food (too lazy to make it like I did with the others) so I started going through the Organic Gerber stuff (the plastic container 2 packs)and noticed some of it looked almost watery or oily for #2's. I picked them up to look at the date and sure enough, they were expired. The "use by" date was Mar 7, 07. Yeah. I was shocked especially since this is a huge chain and they are busy 24/7! I told some staff and I'm going back in there to make sure they pulled it. If not I'm doing it myself and taking it to customer service and saying "listen up."

Then this morning, I opened up some pop tarts I bought yesterday morning from a different small town grocery chain. I took one bite and they tasted like ass! Chocolate pop tarts are my favorite but these were awful and the kids took a few bites before I realized and didn't want anymore either put it that way. They expired 3 weeks ago. What's funny is I checked the dates on almost everything I bought in that trip I just missed checking these.

So please people check dates on everything you buy. I usually do but obviously I missed the pop tarts. Don't take any chances.


Wendy said...

I bought toothpaste that was expired. It really ticked me off because toothpaste has a shelf life of like two years. You would think they'd take a look at that stuff.

Rhonda said...

OMG!!!! I have never thought to check the dates!!!! I will be from now on!

Adam's Mom said...

I started checking dates when I called my mom once to ask when eggs expired and she told me they didn't! eeewwwwww now before I eat at her house I check dates (you should see how old her salad dressing is LOL)

Kristi Ann said...

lol. i have the SAME problem...but mine is with the meats. I get SO angry, becasue 9 times out of 10....i am in a rush so cant check the dates. i buy hamburger....get home and put it in the fridge. by the NEXT DAY it is brown, and i look at the 'sell by' date...and its like 3 days PAST.


Maybe we should start something to make these people more aware.

Like write to "good morning america" and we could do a hidden camera test, LOL