Friday, September 14, 2007

If At First You Don't Talk, Then Sign!

Damien's home visit this week went well. He is really enjoying is teacher! They played ball, strung beads, played with books and puzzles and she tried desperately to get just one word besides "dis" and "yeah yeah" out of him. I feel bad because she's tried everything I have and then some and it's not seeming to work. On his IFSP he will start EI preschool at 3 but at this rate since he seems further behind at Dominic and Dom started at 2 yrs 11 mths I can see them sticking him in Early Intervention even sooner than they did with him. For now we are learning sign language which Damien thinks is just hilarious! He laughs and laughs as I sign different things to him. What we plan to do though is say "I don't know" and shake our heads and hopefully he will sign back and maybe just maybe say the word with it. That's the plan. He has been off the binkie now for about a month (was having it at nap and bedtime before) but it's not seeming to make a difference in the tongue thrust. Sufferin' Succatash! I was hoping it would be a fix. lol

We had our first Brownie meeting last night which turned out pretty good! We have 11 girls this year and possibly more after I get the other mom's to come back. lol The troop leader last year mismanaged the girls money and it made a few mom's leave but I think they will be bringin their girls back after I explain that things are resolved now. I was a Girl Scout from K-6th grade myself so I explained how the Girl Scouts came about and we made paper bag puppets, had snacks, and did the Brownie Promise. I introduced the girls to the Brownie Smile song which they liked alot.

And last here is Dominic as a Leo a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. He is so happy we found this outfit for him. It was in a mail order catalog for $40 and we bought it at Walmart for $20! Alex is going to be a cheerleader and the little one's I'm not sure yet. I'm trying to find something that matches them as a pair.


Rhonda said...

Signing sounds like fun!! I hope it helps! 1 Brownie meeting down.... many more to go! Glad you had a good time! Hope you get some more girls.

Amie said...

You should look into getting a signing times DVD. Ellie loved that and learned many signs with it.

More, No, All done and several animals.

Amie :)

Colleen said...

I did "Baby Signs" with both my kids from birth, it worked REALLY well to help them communicate before the verbal skills came along. We read the board books at night and they got the signs very soon. I am sure your son has A LOT going on up there that he would like to let you know about. What a great idea to help him out!