Monday, September 17, 2007

That's my girl! Kickin' butt and takin' names. Alex is really enjoying soccer. Infact I think she loves it more than softball. We nearly froze to death on Saturday at the kid's soccer games. I felt bad because I didn't put an undeshirt on Alex. She was cold and you could tell which made me feel like everyone was looking at me. Doesn't everyone get that feeling every once in awhile? It was a tie though 1-1. There was about a hour between the games so I went home and we grabbed more blankets and more clothes!
Dominic's game (being a bunch of 4 yr olds) was much more comical. You gotta love it though. Little 4 year olds getting upset and pushing each other or kicking each others shin guards to see if it hurts. (sigh) Dominic was pushed then pushed the other kid over so bad he started crying and got in trouble. Another dad near us said "Good Job Dominic!" I looked over at him all weird in which he responded, "well he was pushed first so it's good that he pushed him back." What? So Dominic got his team their first foul for the season. (sigh)

The highlight of my weekend though was to meet my friend Chrystal from Babycenter at the Kansas State Fair. She is just awesome and so are her 3 little boys! We plan to get together again soon. It's neat because her 3 are the same ages as my 3 oldest. Sunday after church we hung around the house. Sunday night Alex's ear started bothering her so I ended up taking her to the Dr this morning to find out she has another infection and excessive ear wax build up again. This ear wax thing is just crazy. It's not like you can just stick a Q-tip in and get it. She'll probably have to go to the ENT again since they have special equipement to clean her ears. We've already done that once. Anyways she was screaming and crying last night and then after the Dr took a big chunk of wax out we left with her crying and 3 slips for prescriptions. I am not looking forward to sick kids now that fall is upon us.


Lucia's Mom said...

Is ear wax painful? We had Lucia at the walk-in clinic (about 1 hour before flying!) for what I thought was an ear infection and doctor said no infection but a lot of wax. Can wax hurt? She was screaming in pain and went to the fridge to get the tylenol out and she was pulling on her ears. I have this "ear wax removal kit" that has some peroxide I think in an oily solution so you drop it in the ears and overnight the wax falls out, in theory. I guess I'll try it when I get home.

I hope Alex feels better soon.

Rhonda said...

I have left the house underdressed with the kids before!!!! What can you do??? I can't believe that the guy told Dominic he did a good job with pushing the other kid!!!! Jeepers!

I am sorry is having ear problems already! It is going to be a long winter for you!!!

Mick Bright Kim said...

hello How are you all?

Sabrina said...

Rhonda- I know! That's exactly what I thought! Let's praise him for pushing him back? LOL

Cristen- I don't know if it hurts but she had so much in there around the ear drum again he had to try to dig it out. He got a huge chunk out but said that was just a small amount compared to what was packed in there. Last night her ear started bleeding!! Then it happened again before bed so I have to call the Dr today. The Carbamide Peroxide 6.5% kit sounds like what I have and I thought it was for older kids so I never have used it. It says ask Dr for kids younger then 12 yrs old. I hope Lucia is feeling better soon!

Kristi Ann said...

LOL...I have had a guy do that to his son. (congratulate him after he stood up for himself)
Theres a way to go about doing it...and 2 wrongs....dont make a right, (as my mom would say LOL)

Miss talking to you!

I have another borard ont he expecting again if you care to join us there.

Its called Newbie?all welcome

just an invite! :)