Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kids Aren't Cheap

If you have a larger family, one statement you always hear is that kid's cost lots of money. My Dad like most other people, feel that since they cost so much, you should just not have that many because you can't "provide" as well for them. You can't let them do sports, you can't buy them everything they want for Christmas, you can't buy them a car, you can't provide them a college education, etc. My Dad has yet to find me not "providing" anything for our kids. He picks and picks on our Stock market accounts and what we're investing in and how much we are putting towards college, asking if we're doing ok on money as if to prove some fault in my equation that we can afford kids.

Just for fun though, I put together 1 month of our life with the kids and how much they have cost us since school started. Can you believe they've been in school one month already!?

Alex's Hair cut: $16
School Enrollment: $50
Alex's Lunches: $20
Dominic's Lunches: $11
Games and puzzles for Alex's class from Dollar Tree: $6
Lifetouch Pics Alex: $37
Lifetouch Pics Dom: $37
YMCA Soccer Alex: $20
YMCA Soccer Dom: $20
Soccer accessories Alex: $30
Soccer accessories Dom: $30
Soccer team Photo Alex: $20
Soccer team Photo Dominic: $20
State Fair advanced Gate admissions for Alex: $6
22 advanced buy Ride tickets for the kids: $15
For the heck of it, Summer toys on clearance at Dollar General $30
Girl Scouts enrollment: $20
2 Halloween costumes so far!: $40

Total Amount Paid out from August 15- Sept 15 = $428

So yeah, kids do cost some money but they enjoy keeping active and I'm happy we are able to do that for them. We aren't living paycheck to paycheck but my dad believes you should have a zillion dollars in your account like he does. Actually I'm kinda shocked I spent that much already. lol We will be buying some 4H projects, 2 more halloween costumes and putting the kid back at the Y for gymnastics soon too. Eek! I didn't include food and diapers in that amount either. That's a whole new post! lol


Rhonda said...

Yep, they do cost money!!!!! I wish our activities were as cheap as yours are!!!!! Our park programs are more than that!

Kristi Ann said...


But we wouldnt have it any other way right?

I mean...what ELSE copuld we spend our $ on? fancy cars? manicures? trip to italy? LOL


I LOVE my kids! :)

Adam's Mom said...

I love to spend money on Adam - it makes me happier than spending it on myself. Love makes you do wonderful things!