Tuesday, September 25, 2007

More on Speech

Today I have not only a developmental therapist coming over to work with Damien but also the Speech therapist who deals best with tongue thrust. We've actually dealt with her before. I am hoping she is able to help more with getting his tongue to cooperate so he can speak better. I just want him to talk so bad! Say anything!! Man it'd be awesome if he'd hop out of bed one Saturday morning and said "momma, I'm hungry." or "momma get up!" Don't get me wrong he talks to me all the time saying "uh uh! or Yes!" when I ask him a question. But for him to say something without me asking a question like "do you want a drink?" would just be pretty darn cool. We're coming up on 27 months and still at a 9-12 month level on language development. I bought First Signs by Baby Einstein and he still finds signing too funny. He hasn't tried to do it yet and I doubt he will. I'll try to get on later and post what happened on seek and destroy so look there. They are supposed to be showing us exercises to work his jaw muscles and lips. I think one had to deal with blowing water on paper and peanut butter on a cup. I have learned so much the past 3 years having two little ones with developmental issues. I hope someone can benefit from my blogs on our journey. I know when I became a parent I never expected to venture the road of ST, OT,IEP's, and Early Intervention.


Colleen said...

Give the signs some time. Alanna is 2 and still uses them in combination with her words sometimes. You have a great outlook on it though about the journey. After we went through Connor's first year of surgeries and therapy I volunteered to make a scrapbook showing his journey for parent's of newborns who have cleft lip/palate and other issues. I also counseled other parents on dealing with a child who similar challenges. You don't know why you had to go through this with your children, but I am sure you will turn this into something positive. You go girl!

Kristi Ann said...

Good luck with the therapist. My cousins son went through something similiar....and though he had to work harder than most.....the child wont stop talking now! ha ha

careful what you ask for! LOL

No, really....i do hope she can help him out. There is nothing more frustrating than wanting a child to do something SO bad, and them not being able to do it! :) Huge hugs!

miss talking to ya!

Sabrina said...

Kristi Ann- I know! Dominic went from nothing to saying any and everything!

Colleen- Thanks so much! I know you have went through so much with getting Connor where he is today and you have always been so positive about it! He is one special little boy! PS: Update your blog! lol