Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Yesterday started gymnastics and the kids were rather excited. I received a phone call from the gymnastics director asking if Alex could be in the 5 pm class instead of the 6 because no one signed up that hour for level 2. So I said that was fine, it just meant I would have to occupy Dominic for 1 hour till his 6 o'clock class and occupy Damien and Mia for 2 hours!!! Oh believe me I made sure I grabbed everything from A to Z and threw it in a tote bag! We did really good in fact about 6 minutes till it was time for Dom's class to end was when Damien started getting antsy by wanting to push the table we sat at making a horrible screech noise across the floor. From 6-6:45 Alex did her homework and then we picked up Dominic. I guess Dominic was crying because he thought we had left him so I'm not sure how much he got out of his class. I think since we watched Alex he thought we'd watch him too but usually I leave to another part of the building since his attention span is so bad anyways I don't want him watching me and not his teacher. Alex did a great job and only struggled a bit since she took a 6 month break. The hardest part for her was the one handed cartwheels with her legs straight but she did an awesome job trying over and over. When we were leaving the kids noticed we had parked near a big leaf maple tree and ran over to pick up leaves. Alex has been scoping out my craft and ladies magazines and knows we can MAKE things with these!! So I told them to pick up all the pretty leaves they could find and we'll see what we can make with them.

Today I am taking Dominic to the Dentist! He is totally excited and can't wait. Then tonight we have Awana. I am hoping to have much more attentive kids this week after I asked the Pastor's wife to tell them NO TOYS or virtual pets and she did so in the sanctuary on the microphone so you'd think they got the point right? I mean they are 5th and 6th grader TnT's who are much more mature then the little Sparks and Cubbies ya know. lol

Dave is on the road instead of working in the office today doing some follow ups in some small towns going all the way to Dodge City even. He will be reluctantly visiting Greensburg. He's had chances to go there before now but it's been a bit hard on him since he used to do service work there all the time and knew a lot of customers before it was totally wiped out by the tornado. His company was affected so much by the tornado that they lost thousands of dollars in business and to help people some they quickly refunded pre-paid money since they couldn't do work at places that blew completely away! So he is taking tons of pictures today and I will post them on here tomorrow for all to see. I know most of the damage is now cleared out though and it looks like a huge field with roads throughout it from pictures in our newspaper.

Damien's appt went well yesterday and I posted about it here. I've been thinking a lot about life and where I want to be in 10 years. I think it's because I just turned 30 this year (ugh!) Does anyone else think that far ahead? Well first with D's job it could take us out of state but I told him if we are still here I want to buy some land so we can build a dream home. We should have our current house paid off before we turn 40. We did buy eight acres 4 years ago to do this and it was sold out from underneath us (long story!) but I want to buy about 15 minutes from where we are now so the kids will still be in the same school district and we'll be close to the highway and it will be a little shorter drive for him. I'm pretty sure I'll be working again by then too since I doubt I'll have any babies around (sniff sniff). and Alex will be graduating in 10 years too! Yikes! Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

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Rhonda said...

In ten years, I will be 43. I will have 2 teenage kids! I will have most likely gone back to teaching by then. I am sure we will be in the same house and have hopefully gotten the improvement projects done by then!