Thursday, September 27, 2007

Before Taking Important Pics, Always Grab New Batteries

Title says it all. But you can tell a lot I think from one picture. Dave said this used to be a whole row of customers houses. The trees have tried to move on from being wood poles back in May and look there's a new house that's been built back in the distance. He said it was difficult seeing the town just leveled and taking pictures was the last thing on his mind. I don't even think they have a store right now to BUY batteries if he wanted to though.

I'm shopping online this morning. My oldest 2 have got their costumes already (TMNT, Cheerleader) but I'm having a hard time with Damien. I would like him to be similar to what his sis is wearing although Dominic wants him to be Splinter the rat from TMNT's. lol This is what I'm planning on buying Mia although there are so many candy choices, I may change my mind. However I can't find anything for Damien besides this Hershey kiss which I must say I think looks too girlish and check out her shoes. What do you think? Too girly?

Everyone says to "reuse" old costumes. I don't think it's fair to dress your younger kids in hand me down costumes their siblings wore. But if you figure though I've got everyone of them from the past 7 years, 3 kids the previous years, that's 14-15 cool costumes. I really need to just sell them, I paid a ton for them all. I'll list them and if anyone wants one email me

Big girls I have - Raggedy Ann, Belle, Tinkerbell, pretty orange fairy,
Big Boy I have- Jack Sparrow, another Pirate, Superman
Infants- Pea in a pod bunting, Fuzzy ladybug, lion, monkey


Lucia's Mom said...

Sabrina - have you got something for a 19 month old? I'll email you.

Lucia's Mom said...

oops .. I meant about the Halloween costumes ... duh!

Wendy said...

I hope it's not girly because I am getting the Kiss or the Wonder Bread costume for T.J. I wanted him to go as a Pooh Bear honey pot and then I would rent a Pooh bear costume (considering I have to lug him around the party all night anyway) but Tim Sr. put his foot down. He wanted a T.J. to goes as baby Yoda, which I vetoed, especially after I caught him looking at adult size Star Wars costumes.

Rhonda said...

That picture is incredible. It does say a lot about what happened there. Emailing you about costumes!

Kristi Ann said...

hey...ill take the tinkerbelle one.

I think I mentioned it,,,but Sam wanted to be peter pan at first for hallloween. Now he chose spiderman...but drama mama is into it, and I know she would love it. Let me know how much you want. :)

LOVE the costumes! :)